Bucket List (The Beginning)

Today marks the official halfway point of my trip, just two months to go. I don't know whether I'm sad that it will eventually be over, or excited to head home to SF and see friends, family and eat burritos (and be cold! Oh, sweet cold).  

Of course while I've been jostling around dusty roads in tuk tuks and not sleeping on night trains rumbling through Vietnam and watching endless palm tree plantations drift by bus windows, I've been dreaming of new adventures out there in the world. Here is the start of a list (I'll be adding to this list!) in no particular order.

1. Ride the Trans-Siberian Railway (yes the whole thing) 

2. Iran

3. Ethiopia

4. Peru: hike the Inca Trail

5. Peru: visit Manchu Picchu

6. Morocco

7. Brazil

8. Ecuador (and visit the Galapagos)

9. Balloon ride over Cappadocia, Turkey

10. Cruise Norway's fjords

11. New Zealand: hike, camp and kayak

12. Mozambique

13. Madagascar

14. Malta

15. Montenegro

16. Macedonia

17. Serbia

18. Silk Road Overland trip: From Uzbekistan to Turkey (finish the trip I started!) 

19. Mongolia (and sleep in a yurt again) 

20. Visit the Grand Canyon

21. Belize

22. Costa Rica

23. Nicaragua

24. Guatemala

25. Argentina (I've been to Buenos Aires, so go back and see the rest of the country!) 

26. Ski in the Andes

27. Chile: Tierra del Fuego & Valparaiso

28. Seychelles

29. Safari in Africa

30. Nepal: go trekking

31. Egypt

32. Jordan  

33. Lebanon  

34. Oman

35. Syria (one day, I hope!) 

36. Algeria

37. India (I've been to Mumbai, Goa and Rajasthan; I would love to go back and see more, including Varanasi and Kerala) 

38. Russia

39. Georgia (the country) 

40. Armenia

41. Azerbaijan

43. Kazakstan

44. Senegal

45. Ghana

46. Kenya

47. Eritrea

48. Albania

49. Greece (I went briefly when I backpacked around Eastern Europe in 2001, would love to travel more extensively here) 

50. Uruguay

51. Colombia

Any countries/place/experiences I should add to the list? Let me know in the comments!